How many socks am I wearing?

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Serious health issues can lead to unemployment, which can lead to having more bills than money to pay for them, which can lead some toward creative money-saving outlets. My family has developed a respectable repertoire of options, many of which we're employing simultaneously. One of them is to keep our home's heat as low as we can possibly stand it - it's been hovering around 15 degrees Celsius for two or three weeks now, and we've already forgotten what it's like to feel warm. In fact, the other day Mom made a comment about the butter, which we keep in our pantry, and seems to remain as solid as the butter we keep in our fridge. We're confident that with sheer determination and sustained apathy about physical comfort we can keep our temperature here for the remainder of winter.

Another creative debt outlet I've devised is the Sock Contest: "How many socks am I wearing?" Guess the number of socks correctly, and you win the opportunity to buy each of my family members a brand new pair of moccasin boot-slippers! What a deal!!