A Moment with Mother - Jan. 17/07


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We recently got a card in the mail from my brother's university: "Home Cookin' Countdown: What's your student's favourite home-cooked meal?" Mom and I looked at each other: Beef Stroganof.

The card continued: "Send us your recipe and you could win a trip to the university. Grand Prize includes: Air or ground transportation from anywhere in Canada, 3 nights hotel accommodation, and dinner at one of the city's finest restaurants." Ha! Mom and I agreed this sounded fun. Why not enter? Mentally I was already drafting the email for the beef stroganof recipe.

The card continued: "You and your student will be guest chefs in our dining hall - preparing your family recipe for everyone to enjoy!"" "That sounds great," I exclaimed! "No it does not!" Mom shot back. "Who wants to cook for all those people?!"

We will not be entering the contest.