About Widsith

What you'll find at Widsith
I get a kick out of recommending good books, so here at Widsith I review classics, Christian fiction, books on church and Christian living, with others thrown into the mix.

Besides books, I often think out loud about the Christian life, which isn't as cut-and-dried as I used to believe.

Family, fun, cooking, church, school and career life also find a place in my posts.

What's behind the name 'Widsith'?
According to Wikipedia, Widsith was a 9th century English traveler and poet whose name means "far journey". All doubts of Wikipedia's accuracy aside, this is the inspiration for my blog.

I chose the name because my travels (as a pastor's kid and missionary kid) have shaped who I am. God led my family across North America over to the Alps in central Europe, and back to North America again, setting down roots for a while in the Canadian prairies, Ontario's Niagara region and Ontario's Mennonite country. It's been quite the adventure.