About Me

In a nutshell...
I'm a wife, caregiver, book worm, global nomad, missionary kid & pastor's kid, fan of history, science, travel and HGTV.

I'm good at reading, cooking & doing what the obnoxious personal trainer on the video tells me to.

A Little More About...
Churchy stuff
I love reading, thinking and discussing the Church--our church history, our present-day church, the global church, pretty much every church topic under the sun.

I'm nowhere near being a theologian and I don't pretend to have all the answers.

But for 20+ years, as a missionary kid & pastor's kid, I observed the church's public face and its behind-closed-doors face as well.

And thanks to my Dad's interaction with others in ministry, I've sat through countless ministry retreats, meetings, and dinner table talks about church as well.

So I've got this experiential foundation in church stuff, and now I'm trying to fill in the gaps by learning as much as I can. I also write a blog about church.

Being a young caregiver
I'm crawling my way up from total burn-out after 2.5 years of helping my parents get through the most chaotic and agonizing phase of my Dad's dementia.

I'm also struggling through the grief of losing my Dad so early in life; he's 64 now, and his downward spiral began when he was only 57.

Now he's in the advanced stages of dementia. I miss being able talk with him (we used to talk about church and all kinds of other things) and I miss getting advice from him too.

These days I barely know how to respond to what he's being forced to endure; getting my brain to accept what dementia does to a human being is like telling a computer to bake a cake. It doesn't compute.

What keeps me blogging
I often wonder, how do I...
• Live in the moment with an eye to eternity?
• Ground myself in the Word while staying open to the Spirit?
• Overcome evil with good, especially the stuff hiding behind 'Christian' attitudes, trends and traditions?
• Lead a lifestyle of passionate wisdom *and* worship?
• Love God with all my mind, heart, soul and strength?

So here at widsith I write to find answers to these questions and (when you comment) I get to hear how they're being answered for you too.