Cardinals, Vegetables and Agitated Dogs

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I can hear my husband, Scott, cooking dinner inside the house. I'm on our balcony, surrounded by our week-old potted flowers and vegetables. They've done well the past few days, surviving squirrel attacks and persistent rain. I do believe they're going to make it!

It's a quiet evening, except for the odd mosquito passing by, highway traffic and fireworks in the distance that keep surprising our neighbor's dog, making him bark after each loud pop.

It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, so fireworks will be heard every evening, I'm sure. I don't mind, but it would be nice if we could actually see them too. We may have to venture from home one of these evenings to get a better view.

Not too long ago the neighborhood's resident cardinal landed on our roof corner just a few feet from me. He's been singing a lot the last few days, but I'll bet I'm happier than he is that spring is finally here.