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Enya, whose music I love, is more well-known than her sister, Moya Brennan, whose music I also love. Moya's one of those artists who isn't exactly famous, but should be. Both women draw from their celtic roots in their music, and both manage to create sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes haunting, and always breathtaking melodies.

I've been a big fan of Enya since I was a teenager. So I was extatic one day, many years ago, when I worked at a Christian book & music store and spotted Moya's CD called "Perfect Time" sitting on the shelf. I bought it, and soon discovered that her music wasn't exactly like Enya's. But as I explored Moya's other albums I grew to love her style, and over the years I've gone through phases where all I listen to is Moya, like many of us do with our favorite albums, I think. Anyway, these days I've been immersing myself in Moya's soothing tones again, and I was inspired to share a glimpse into Moya's work with you. :)

I don't know where Enya's heart lies in terms of faith, but Moya seems to be more forthright about her Christian faith in some of her music, like in Peacemaker, the first song in this little 4-track playlist that I put together at my new favorite website, Grooveshark (thanks, Hannah!).

I hope you enjoy it. :)