Once Upon a Strike

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Was it all just a dream? Or maybe a vision? No, it was real...

...last night around 1:00am I woke up with a sore stomach (what else is new), so I decided to get a glass of juice in the kitchen. I heard a shuffling noise coming from inside the fridge. When I opened the door I saw two furry hamsters rapaciously chomping at our romaine lettuce. I gasped in shock. They squeaked in surprise and scampered onto the floor, down the stairs and into our basement. Should I go after them? I wondered, Or maybe I should wake my husband first-

Just then I felt a defiant tap-tap-tap on my arm. I must be dreaming, I thought. Before me stood an old, melancholy dwarf, and above him hovered a bellicose fairy. You fool! spat the fairy, Now look what you've done!


Mr. & Mrs. Hamster operate your furnace, and since YOU cut the heat they've been out of work. They have FIFTEEN hungry kids, don't you know!

As it turns out, our attempts to cut costs at home have had an unforeseen effect on Mr. & Mrs. Hamster and their undernourished children, not to mention the melancholy Dwarf who lives in our clothes dryer, and of course the furious Fairy that runs our dishwasher, as I found out when he slapped me with a rubber water tube. All have been out of work for weeks, and have organized a collective strike. Good thing my brother's in labour relations - we'll need him to take over negotiations.