issues in my tissues

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"Do you have issues in your tissues?" This originated as a taunt among my brother and our friends during a group trip one summer. There were, it seemed, some issues that had developed along the two hour drive to our destination. When we arrived at our accommodations someone suggested that we "unpack our baggage before unloading our other baggage". Baggage... bones to pick... issues in our tissues... they all mean the same thing.

For the fun of it I considered calling this blog 'issues in my tissues'. But upon further reflection I realized it could mean one of two things, depending on the way in which the word 'tissues' is interpreted. If the first thing that comes to mind is the 'Kleenex' type of tissue, then the phase could mean issues I cry about - namely, the sob stories, love interests, and soap operas of my life - all of which would make fore a very boring blog. If, rather, 'tissues' is thought of as 'the fibres of my being' then the meaning extends much further to encompass the many issues I'm passionate about, issues of health, psychology, philosophy, ethnicity, culture, history, cuisine, art, spirituality, travel, and more. Suddenly the possibilities seemed endless!

However, I changed my mind about the title of this blog. For some reason I didn't think I could take 'issues in my tissues' too seriously.