Counterfeit Gospels - does it catch the most subtle counterfeit of all?

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I'd like to read "Counterfeit Gospels" (promoted by Moody Publishers) because I'm curious to see if the author has caught that peculiar counterfeit gospel in many evangelical churches where traditions are clung to more tightly than God's Word.

You know, the kind of tradition that isn't questioned in conversation and usually taken as truth from the pulpit. The kind of tradition that gets you shushed with a stern frown when you casually mention that your devotions are leading you to re-think a long-held teaching of the church.

Like the tradition of glossing over 'respectable sins'. Is it okay to gossip? No, but we do share news about each other without permission. That's not gossip, is it?

How about the tradition that dressing in a suit & tie is the only way to worship? Or that drinking alcohol is a sin but gluttony is okay? Or that weekly church attendance is required whether or not we speak to the lonely people sitting beside us in the service?

How about deeper, more sinister traditions, like the idea that it's disrespectful to hold our leaders accountable because they 'speak for God so they must be right'? Or that we never talk about big sins in the church because hiding them 'preserves God's work'? Or that we should not ask our church family for help in times of need because that would mean we're not trusting God?

I'd love to read Counterfeit Gospels, because I'm eager to know if the author, out of love for God and His Bride, has shed light on some of the most deeply-held lies in mainstream evangelical churches. I sure hope he does.

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