On behalf of the weary

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[Encouragement] is the opposite of flattery, which uses words to entice and manipulate. The flatterer does not bother to discern the true character of the other person, but says whatever he must say to win the person over to his own designs. The gift of encouragement also differs from a mere pep talk that seeks to prop up the weary with positive generalizations. Instead, it sustains the person by observing his strengths, and affirming them in specific terms. -- From a Hebraic meditation

My family has been made 'weary' through the last several years of disability, unemployment, caregiving, isolation, financial struggles, emotional breakdowns, and physical and mental burnout.

Many people wonder how they can possibly encourage someone who's going through major difficulties, especially the kind that are not easy to identify with. Speaking on behalf of the 'weary', I wanted to share the quote above as a good first step in encouraging people around you who are facing major challenges.