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* At 28, Sarah Polley starts over - What caught my eye in this article was her take on magazine photo-shoots:

Unlike many actresses, Polley, 28, has refused to do these kinds of shoots since she was 16. “I couldn't see how the desire to express ideas in films was connected to selling clothes,” she says. “For me it was like an idea born in outer space.”
I'm starting to become a fan. This interview has also inspired me to see her film, Away From Her, about a husband and wife dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. (More on Sarah Polley)

* Dr. John Stott Retires - I have long appreciated what I've read of John Stott's work, and was somewhat shocked to hear of his retirement. He was one of those people I assumed would 'aways be there', though I know that isn't realistic. So, I've traded shock for bittersweetness... everyone needs to move on, but it's always sad to see respected leaders step down.

* Snatched From the Holocaust - What a moving story of a little girl's experience as an outlaw, so to speak, during WW2. This is the first I've heard of the French contribution, such as it was, to the Allied cause. If your time is limited, then I'd recommend reading the 'snatched' article. If you have some time on your hands check out the online exhibit, Life in the Shadows and a 2003 documentary site, Secret Lives as well.