Caught Up in the Consumeristic Tide

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As far back as I can remember I never believed in Santa Claus, but this morning my Mom unearthed a letter that I wrote to Santa as a kid. It was written just after we returned to Canada after living in Europe for a number of years, which is obvious because just about everything I ask for is very clearly stuff that I discovered when I was bombarded with the North American toy industry upon entering this country. I'm guessing that I wrote this letter as a school assignment or something like that.

Anyway, I read it out loud to my parents this morning, and we laughed. So here it is, spelling mistakes included. I hope you enjoy it!

Dear Santa,

My Christmas List

Slinky (not plastic slinky)
My little Pony newborn twinns (and other Ponys)
Moondreamers and there House
Rocker Barbie
Barbie or rocker Barbie sticker book
Lady Lovely Locks
Lady Lovely Locks stickerbook

That's it, Pleas writ back, I repeat Please writ back, I repeat 1000 000 times Please writ back!

In your letter that you are going to writ back, please tell me wat you can not send me!

I will be waiting for some of the things for Christmas!

Have a nice time rapping the gifts!

By for now.